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What's in a nay?

why bring nay into your life?

Every single human being deals with information differently. We may all look at the same thing, or read the same book, or watch the same television show... but the meaning we take away, and the significance of those moments, is different for all of us.  Most of the time, it's really difficult to predict.


And it's even harder to understand... there are a combination of factors that come into play; nature vs nurture, personality and intellect, relationships and society, experiences and age, what you had for breakfast and what side of the bed you woke up on.

Our brains are hard-wired to understand and flourish in particular environments. This could be related to how you like information - words you can read, pictures you can see or draw, objects you can grab with your hands.  It might be about how you like to deal with problems - stop, think and be sure, or jump in and give it a red hot random go.  These responses are often instinctive, but can also be processes that develop over time and are reinforced by a powerful experience, or years of conditioning and habit. These reactions can make you feel safe and comfortable - and that's awesome. 

In Renee's world, her personal life and the work that she does, interpreting the world using only the responses we know well can be like looking at a scene with only one eye open and rose coloured glasses on. It's not that what you see is bad - but it's not the actual picture.  You're missing out on colours, and details... and you actually can't sense depth... so there's a big chance, you might hurt yourself trying to get around. 


Opening both eyes, and taking off the sunglasses allows you to understand the world around you better, engage more with what is in front of you, and be safer as you move forward into the world.  Learning new ways to perceive things and new interpretations of the same "moment" can change your life- the way you feel about others, the way they feel about you, how you interpret what happens to you in this world and what you do about it.   


And imagine how the world changes when you start using all your senses, your imagination and your brain. Imagine turning your world upside down, and discovering a whole new way of living. 

Perspectives change as you move from person to person, and from moment to moment. We can't tell you what to feel, think or know.  But I'd like to invite you to join me in thinking about things "differently" for a little while, to come and look at the world through my eyes.  

With every new theme, we will explore different contexts- 

How we LIVE with it in the real world

A fictional PLAY with it in Film

I'll TALK about what it means to me

and I'll share some reflections for you to THINK about

What it means to you... well, that's something we can't predict.  It's up to you :-)

So, feel free to come and find out what's in a Day in the Life of Nay... And put a Nay in the Life in yours.

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