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FREE FALLING is a interactive theatrical experience that combines well being and performance to deliver a dynamic story about identity and resilience.

It follows the story of ‘Nay’, a young woman dealing with an increasingly catastrophic set of circumstances, who’s trying to learn how to move forward by letting go. Nay dances in and out of the various characters that inhabit her life, trying to make sense of the present she finds herself facing by understanding her past. 

What sets this apart from an average one-woman-show is it’s ability to respond to the needs of the audience. Based on real events, FREE FALLING is a one woman show and an educational tool.
The delivery structure is flexible, allowing for us to create content that best responds to the audience FREE FALLING intends to communicate with. 

Whether your students are 13 and struggling to understand grief, 18 and trying to understand their future, or adults trying to come to terms with new life stages, FREE FALLING will be exactly what yourgroup needs.
For more information, get in touch:


Are you a writer, director or film maker?

We want you to help us make our PLAY content.


You’re someone who has a unique vision and flair. You are passionate about making film, be it writing or directing or producing. You have an idea that’s perfect for Nay In The Life, that you couldn’t put anywhere else. You want some exposure for your work, and a film that you can show on Nay In The Life (and maybe take it elsewhere). 


The great thing about creating for Nay In The Life is that there’s plenty of freedom to create content about whatever theme interests you. BUT, KEEP IN MIND… The simpler the sound, set-up and crew/cast the better. We have cameras and some pretty simple tech-set up, and usually make the shoot with minimal people (as in, Renee and Clare).


Want to get involved? Email us: 

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